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Pastor Anthony L. Dobson Sr.

Est. March 21st, 2004


On August 30th, 1965, God would bless Mr. and Mrs. James and Martha Lillian

Dobson of Mount Juliet with a son, Anthony Lamonte Dobson, who would eventually become known as “Pastor” Anthony Lamonte Dobson.

Under his father’s leadership, he was taught God’s word, line by line, precept upon precept, all while attending Prosperity Baptist Church. At the age of 12, under the leadership of Pastor James H. Clemmons, he was baptized at Rutland Baptist Church

in Mount Juliet, Tennessee. He served faithful in many capacities at church, however singing is something he especially excelled at, continuing to bless many with this gift even now. After graduating from Mount Juliet High School, he continued his education.

Attending ITT Technical Institute, he received an Associate’s degree in Electronics.

     The age of 22 would be one of significance for Pastor Dobson. It is at this age that he

obtained “favor of the Lord” by marrying the love of his life, Mary Gilliam. Also, not satisfied with being just a church member, he sought God the more, completely surrendering his heart, life and will to Him, receiving the gift of salvation. He faithfully served with his father for two years as the Assistant Pastor of Full Gospel Assembly in Woodbury, Tennessee before serving in full pastorate at New Christian Life Church in Lebanon, Tennessee. It was there that Pastor Dobson served for twelve years, leading many others to come to know Christ as he came to know Him. Although his father passed away, the mantle of preaching and pastoring was bestowed upon Pastor Dobson. Sometime later, on Saturday, July 23rd, 2003, God did yet another new thing in his life, joining him and a new group of believers together. Knowing they’d met an anointed man of God, they invited him to preach the next day. Original members of Divine Faith Ministries have stated, “When Pastor Dobson came in praying over the chairs and after hearing him preach, we knew he was the man God had sent to be our founding Pastor.” Installed as Divine Faith Ministries’ official pastor on March 21st, 2004, he has never looked back.

Leaders are held to a higher standard. They are expected to accomplish much, even

when it seems resources are minimal. As a man who lives by divine faith in God, the

title and responsibility of being a pastor is not taken lightly by Pastor Dobson. He’s

been known to sacrifice from his family’s household to meet the needs of both the

members and the church itself. Pastor Dobson continues to proclaim God’s word and

goodness and fervently preaches every time God presents him with the opportunity to

do so.

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